Microblading vs. emBrowdery™

Microstippling (emBrowdery™) and Microblading (Phi Brows; Royal Brows; Embroidery) both fall under the category of tattoos. Both use a manual tool. The needle formation used for emBrowdery™ is exclusive to this treatment whereas microblading can be done with many types of needles from U shape to sloped shaped.

The aim of microblading is to lightly deposit pigment into hair thin cuts which the therapist achieves by blading down into the upper layers of the dermis. The pigment is entrapped in the skin when the micro cuts heal, thus the result is achieved after the first treatment. A top up is usually required to touch up areas where the colour might have faded but only approx 15% of the color is expected to fade.

The emBrowdery™ technique is different in that the main aim is to not press down into the skin at all. The technique used is similar to plucking which we know, never scars the skin. emBrowdery™ only utilizes the papillary layer of the dermis of the skin where there are only very small blood capillaries, thus avoiding bleeding and making it possible to work without anesthetic.

emBrowdery™ is a building up of pigment into the brow area over a course of 3 treatments. The first treatment cannot last as we know up to 60% of the color will shed with the epidermis in the first month. For those who are nervous about how the brow will suit them, this is the perfect choice.

The end result of both treatments are very similar  and the difference mainly lies in the technique used. At Up To My Eyes we offer both treatments but our preferred technique is emBrowdery™ because the chances of scarring the skin are greatly reduced. We also prefer our clients to have complete control, with this method they can change their minds after the 1st treatment and either not go ahead with the 2nd treatment or have the brow modified accordingly.

Treatment costs and more information

emBrowdery™ price €480. Total of 4 hrs treatment time as slower process.

Phi Brows €480. Total 3hrs treatment time as faster application method.

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