Qualify with a V.T.C.T. world renowned qualification at the Up To My Eyes Academy in the art of emBrowdery™

The emBrowdery™ online course is delivered to you via our best-in-class Learning Management System. This is a brand new way of teaching our technique, using a classroom system in a specially designed online format.

emBrowdery™ is now available to students from all over the World. The course enables students to communicate with the Up To My Eyes Academy whenever they want during a 12 month period.

How it works?

The student submits their unit assignments which are graded by the trainer and feedback given, until they achieve their certificate. The course provides 23 different levels of instruction and the student must pass each level, step by step, in order to obtain the certificate.

The course contains lectures with hours of video material and many pictures that help students learn everything they need to know about the permanent makeup technique.

The course also contains links to the emBrowdery™ webshop and forum, everything that a student of Up To My Eyes Academy needs. It is supported by the Academy’s official VTCT trainer and accessor.

Course Schedule


The course will include theory and practical sessions.  On Day 1 you will be introduced to your trainer, presented with your professional kit and instructed on how to use your tools. It will be demonstrated to you how to communicate with your trainer online and also how to complete your online assessments.


Level by level media learning. Each level will have an assessment at the end of the training period and an assessment must be passed before the student can go onto the next level. 23 levels in total.

STEP THREE (optional extra)

Student will return to the classroom and bring with him/her a model. Student will carry out a full client consultation, design clients brows and carry out a full emBrowdery™ treatment. This will take about 4.5hrs and will be done under the watchful eye of the tutor.


Student must provide photographic evidence of at least 4 more models. Feedback will be given on each treatment.


Student will be invited back to the professional environment of the Up to My Eyes Salon and will carry out a full emBrowdery™ treatment from A – Z unaided. On successful completion, the student will be awarded with The Up To My Eyes Academy Certificate. This treatment will also be assessed by a V.T.C.T. Assessor. Points achieved will be used towards a full V.T.C.T. Qualification if the student would like to continue on to obtain this. This qualification is recognized in over 40 countries worldwide.

emBrowdery™: Befores & Afters

To get a feel for the impact you can deliver to your future clients once you become a fully-fledged and certified emBrowdery™ therapist, we encourage you to review a collection of before and after shots of a handful of our happy clients over on our sister site (opens new tab).

How much does it cost?

Once you apply for your course, a member of staff will contact you shortly to confirm your details, arrange course payment and delivery address for the training kit.

  • Step 1, 2 & 4 Total Price: €1,500
  • Step 3 (optional extra): €700

Training Kit Contents

Your new training kit has a RRP of over €400, which is included in the price of your course, and can be home-delivered or collected in person at the salon. Your kit contains the following:

  • 7 emBrowdery™ Pigment Colors
  • Golden Mean Ratio Divider
  • Digital Brow Calipers
  • 2 Manual Tools
  • 1 Brow Pencil
  • 1 Pencil Pairer
  • Lancets for patch testing (15).
  • emBrowdery™ Needles (15)
  • Aftercare Cards (15)
  • emBrowdery Brochures (15)
  • Finger Rings (15)
  • Sharps Waste Container
  • Plastic Pigment Cups (15)
  • Practice skins (5)
  • Pigment Stand & Pigment Cups
  • Diamonte  “I Do Brows” Broach

What will I learn?

  • How to impregnate colour without cutting down into or damaging the skin
  • How to measure the perfect shape for eyebrows. To achieve this you will be using a variety of tools; a golden means caliper, a digital brow caliper and surgical thread, all of which will be supplied in your kit
  • How to choose the correct shape brow to enhance your client’s features
  • How to calculate and create 30 basics strokes which will form an aesthetic and pleasing looking brow
  • How to select the correct pigment colour to enhance your client’s natural brows and skin tones
  • How to create a full brow in the event of no existing brow
  • How to fill in sparse areas in an otherwise good natural brow
  • Understanding the Manual Hand Tool Apparatus & Needles
  • Mastering your device
  • Using correct needle groupings to create the emBrowdery™ effect
  • Understanding the emBrowdery™ pigments
  • A step by step guide on the different formations of hair strokes to create a natural looking brow
  • Correcting eyebrows of an unflattering colour and shape
  • Anatomy, Physiology and Morphology
  • Skin Conditions
  • Contraindication

emBrowdery™ Certification

On completion of the emBrowdery™ Training Course, you will be presented with an emBrowdery™ Certification. This will ensure that you can become fully Insurable. Should you like to become a fully qualified Micro-pigmentation Technician with the VTCT, we can organise for you to train in eyeliner, lipmentation and powder affect eyebrows. These skills are a necessary requirement to achieve a full Semi-Permanent Make-Up Level 4 Qualification.

emBrowdery™ is a registered European Trademark. emBrowdery™ is a subsidiary of Up To My Eyes™ and shares its Academy with Up To My Eyes at 6 Theatre Lane, Greystones, Co Wicklow.

Local Accommodation can be arranged for you on request.

When you become a fully fledged emBrowdery™ therapist you will gain access to our brand imagery bank and our logo. Brand guidelines will be strictly adhered to.

emBrowdery™ Magazine

Download the official emBrowdery™ ONLINE TRAINING salon magazine. Learn about the programme and its 26 lectures, what is involved, how to apply and and what you will be able to do for your clients once you’re officially V.T.C.T qualified.

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